I call BS

By: Conquest2000

Gorney has zero clue.  NO WAY NO HOW a Football Coach allows a sophomore to call his own game.  If Mater Dei runs an uptempo style, I have no clue if they do or don't, but if they do, most likely 2 plays are called at the LOS and based on look the QB can audible into a predetermined 3rd play based on the look.   

Oregon for instance would run their read option to right but ALWAYS, ALWAYS had some sort of automatic to the left side, usually a bubble screen or something where the pass is caught behind the LOS so the Oline could be legally downfield.  Watch Kelly Oregon film the back side tackle was almost always blocking out like he was running a waggle or some sort of bubble screen.  While the LG, C, RG and RT were blocking read option.   It was the genius of Kelly's offense, especially when it was run with a good QB and very quick athletes.

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