Please use your brain

By: Conquest2000

1.  Football coaches are control freaks - that is an undisputed fact.  Just like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  NO WAY a high school coach is going to let a teenager run the offense.  

2. The kid is a sophomore.

3. Rollinson who I think is still the coach at Mater Dei is a control freak, so see point #1

4. I never said Daniels was a bad player just saying this is total hyperbole. 

5.  Why whenever anyone criticizes USC do you get so butt hurt?  Even when USC is in the wrong.  Also here I wasn't critizing USC, just the reporter. 

6. There are tons of recruiting experts who know very little about football x's and o's.  Gerard Martinez, Greg Biggins, Jerry Palm, Crabtreee and Gorny probably couldn't explain how to run Z Snag in all of it's variations.  Couldn't tell you the weaknesses of 11 Robber defense, don't the know the  play calling naming conventions for the teams they cover.   So they are in no way experts in X's and O's.  They are mostly ball cuppers and hanger on'ers at high schools and cater to players trying to get a scoop. 

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