By: San Clemente

new helmet this year.  Think of it as your plastic car bumper that gives a little instead of hard thermoplastic. 


Nice idea but it doesn't address the real problem.  


The Problem is that this doesn't keep the players from using the helmet as a weapon.  Keeping the rubber coated steel mask just makes matters worse.  People naturally protect their nose.  If you want to tell if someone is faking being uncouscious all you have to do is drop their hand over their face. if they pull it away, they are faking. 


Your brain has the consistancy of jello in a hard bowl.  Stop moving in a direction too fast and the brain keeps going, tearing the bridging veins and causing neurons to short circuit.  Nothing causes that more that a helmet used as a weapon.   


The ANSWER is simple.  A soft shell hockey helmet and a clear face shield that doesn't protect the nose.  This would all but eliminate CTE. 

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