The Herbert Hype

By: LA Duck

First, he's our only really available "seasoned" (if you call him playing in 8 games as QB as "seasoned") at this live or die, we go with Herbert.  No other choice.

Second, you should work on being so reactionary rather than staying calm and waiting it out,'s not good for longevity.

Third, Herbert did better as a true freshman than UW's QB Browning did as a true freshman. Browning's QB rating was 139.7, Justin had a 148.8.  (Darnold had a 161.1 but was an RS freshman.)  Herbert statistically had one of the better seasons of any true freshman QB in recent memory (save Jalen Hurts, of course).

Fourth, none of our recent QBs were much of anything coming out of high school, nor very highly recruited--in fact Darron Thomas' only other offer was from a WR.  He won a Rose Bowl and made the national championship game.  Pretty much the same is true of Masoli, Adams, Dixon and Mariota (who did end up with a single other major offer--to Washington--after we offered).

Calm down, Huey, Dewey and Louie (not sure which of the 3 you are), we'll be fine.  IF Herbert stays healthy.  :-)

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