90% FALSE - the HC truth

By: trojanmikey

Sanctions eroded the program: - under Pete he lost the ability to bring in top end assistant coaches, some of that was Pete's hubris ~30%, rest was the overhang of sanctions. - Kiff hire; this was 100% sanctions related, contrary to Augtard's ridiculously carved out take SC was never getting a top flight coach at this time. Besides, drop the name and look at resume (you know take some of the subjectivity out) under the worst sanctions since SMU SC was able to hire a Current SEC HC, former NFL HC, OC of Natty's teams and one of the top recruiters in the country. - Sark; SC was a mess and again still under sanctions so the DELUSION that SC was getting a top flight coach (and basically there was only 2 huge names that fit that bill at the time Urban, Saban and any other choice was a crap shoot anyway); now Haden turned out to be inneffective and on the whole and a program in chaos yes the admin chose someone they knew and if an idiot was to blow that small point oversized and call that 'control' maybe but thats hyperbole - Clay; SC program was complete mess have 2 head coaches wash out in short order; there is no doubt this would scare off 75% of high quality coaches who would simply write off that mess and the school's credit in the space was shot. WIth Clay you knew you were going to get a cleaned up program, and the PR hell was going to end. Question was could Clay recruit? This class says yes; could he get top coaches and Udeze and McCullough look like home runs and Tee is the black Coach O. Augtard's overblown hate aside, this is how it went down and why. Epilogue - Never forget that SC is always at a disadvantage with coaches; 99% of football coaches are simpletons - the prospect of being a minnow in LA is so daunting iit scares many off. Most rather be the highest paid most high profile guy in a shatty state in a tiny town.
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