Legacies are overrated imo

By: LA Duck

Good get for UCLA if they land Cota.

Sure, I'd like Cota, but I think we are pretty much full at WR (save for Devon Williams), and I don't agree with the attraction by my fellow feathered friends.

I know many ducks want to land Cota because his dad was a star at Oregon, and had an 8-year NFL career.  

But (and I've brought this up before years ago), when has a son ever done as well as or out-performed his dad?

I can think of just a few:

The Matthews' kids

Oliver & Andrew Luck

Archie Manning & Elie & Payton Manning

Gil Byrd & Oregon's Jarius Byrd

Maybe Howie Long's 2 sons - Chris & Kyle (also a duck)? - jury is still out, though

Ed McCafferty and Christian McCafferty - looks promising, but who knows?


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