You need to get out more

By: Old Hickory Trojan

learn the "real" history and who was behind slavery in america...get an education and I don't mean the kind tht the lefty kooks keep handing out....find out how many southerners in the Civil War actually owned slaves? You would find out that the war wasn't about slavery as much as about states rights....big government intrusion into private citizens lives over each state governing themselves without interference from big government.....and you might find out that Lincoln did away with one of the most important freedoms in america when he did a way with Habeas Corpus...used non-citizens in combat to fight for the North with promises he didn't keep....sent troops onto states soil before the war started. 

If the war was about nothing but slavery why did the United States government hang John Brown a few years earlier?  He preached the evils of slavery and his crusade sure the hell didn't start a civil war...

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