Injuries had an effect on the team.

By: AugustWest

No one denies that.....the issues are troublesome from there. For starters, it shows the complete lack of S&C SC has , its week 5 vs 4 unranked teams and 1 ranked team and we are serious, season ending stuff like ACLs, and we are falling like flies? It's clear we arent in "football shape ", look, Im not for competition days like Pete ran that destroyed players, but you do need to physically able to take/give contact, and that starts in practice. Also, and this is a bigger concern, losing starters does hurt, but in SCs case, it simply shrinks the talent gap between us and less talented programs........which is the root of our issues! Bottom line, if we dont command a large talent advantage, we lose games.......and that my friends, is a coaching issue. A major, bonafide coaching issue.
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