Typical rah rah schtick.

By: San Clemente

Realist.  "it's concerning that there isn't hitting or tackling in practice or the scrimmage".  


Rah rah.  " 10 wins in a row"   "Coaches know more than you." 


Realist.  "Why didn't anyone even try to poach any of USC's coaches if they are so great".  


Rah Rah.  " Rose bowl win".  "Coaches are great".  " John Mckay never won that many games in a row". 


Realist.  "That frosh running back looks too small to go between the tackles".     FUMBLLLLLLE!!!!!!!!!!


Rah rah.  "I trust the coaches".  "he should have at least 5 maybe 6 stars." " YOu don't know what an instant impact player is. " 


REalist.  "sure looks like Helton is wasting timeouts again."  "Be nice to see a little pressure on third down". 


Rah Rah.  " This loss is on Darnold, truth is, he never was that good."   "Hugs was right instarting Browne." 



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