why don't the rah rah FINALLY learn


the lesson that they have been WRONG for 12 years?  I think that's the better question.

Realists said that Kiff and Sark were frauds as OCs and HCs.  The rah rahs said no all 4 times.  Who was right and who was wrong each time?

The realist have pointed out the regression of players, including qbs, the longer they are exposed to the coaching of these nitwits, and predicted the same would happen to Darnold. Who was right and who is wrong?

The rah rahs have defended Haden and Nikias for their ballless leadership. The realists said otherwise. Now that usc has been totally shamed for not standing up to the NCAA and the various blackeyes Nikias has brought to the school, who was rigth and who was wrong?

In true cicada fashion, the rah rahs are batting Belushi's GPA.  They may be right once every 17 years, but that has yet to happen.

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