What was written to begin with

By: Old Hickory Trojan

were not facts but what SC felt summarized the different points of view...

I would say his first claim is accurate becasue Helton winning streak was used often...but that is a fact even though it didn't truly answer the point

His second point is inaccurate when the facts are  Tommie Robinson was poached by LSU just after last season

His third point is also an opinion as Carr could never be a six star and Carr has some decent numbers to back up soe of his playing time...and his idea of skinny is again an opinion and in the eyes of the beholder

His last point was not the responses he wrote to the question...in fact he himself has posted more then once that Darnold had digressed...but regardless of that simple fact...in terms of pressure he failed to note USC has a DC calling the defense and Helton had in fact ordered his DC to start rotating in fresh kids to put more pressure on th opposing team 

I don't get you guys on either side of this....I can see noting highlites and lowlites and doing soe analysis of it but just throwing this kinda stuf around on either side is not meaningful and to me seems to be a little juvinile and not to constructive...but hey to each his own





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