UCLA is 2 plays away from being 5-0

By: John55

The pass vs Memphis that was so bad Howard had to interfere with to prevent a PI. Memphis wouldn't have stopped us without some type of penalty. Rosen was ready to lead them down for the game winner. Play #2 is Howard's drop that would have put UCLA up 20-6. The Bruins were totally dominating Furd as has been documented. Instead of being up 2 tds,!UCLa missed a fg and the team was deflated. The Furd RB wouldn't have had as many carries and the Bruins would have been in a position to match Furd score for score. Even with all the fumbles the Bruins were only down 10 with the ball midway through the 4th. The Bruins even with the bad run defense could easily be 5-0 and in the top 15. It is what it is though. UCLA is better than at least 10 of the schools in the Top 25. That's football.
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