Tee Martin quotes

By: SCSmashmouth

Mr. 11 Wonderlic said the following:

On offense's struggles: "News flash, we lost a lot of good players to the NFL."

"Daniel Imatorbhebhe hasn’t even played a down this year." Except when he caught a pass against Western Michigan

On fans' high expectations because of preseason top 4 ranking: "Why would they think that? (Rankings) don’t mean anything." #USC


Any of you rah rahs (IQ 25, Fraud, Lexo, etc) want to defend this guy like you do for every head coach since Fade? So when some good players graduate you should curl into a fetal position and give up? This despite numerous 4 and 5 start talent available. Doesn't Bama and Clemson and Ohio State lose players too? You do realize that SC has the worst OC in the country. Completely clueless on why running on 4th and 1 into a 9 man line doesn't work. Completely incapable of adjustments which is why the first scripted drive goes so well and the rest stink when the other DC adjusts. SC is doomed. He has turned the former all world QB into a deer in the headlights at times. Helton better clean house after the season or else his stay won't be long at SC. Imagine how bad it will get when Darnold leaves...6 and 6 might be a pipe dream.

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