'number 4 ranking' seems directed right at

By: San Clemente

the Lady of the FAKE lake and her minions.


So much for what Hugs's own  FAKE coaching staff thinks of this team.


So I guess there weren't any instant impact players to step in for those lost to the NFL.  And I guess maybe it would be a good idea to get some other guys reps before it becomes their "turn".  Yet they all sit all game , not matter what.  Only rotation happens at runningback , and like timeouts, are for no apparent reason.  Backup quarterback hasn't taken a snap all year.  NOT ONE.  


And the Regression of Darnold has continued, he tossed 2 picks including a pick 6 in practice just yesterday in practice.  He better get the hell out of here before he winds up having to work in his old man's plumbing union.  


This is the WORST  FAKE  coaching staff in all of college football.  But don't wory.  Hugs lets his idiot little brother call plays on third downs. How has that worked out?  I wonder how many NFL teams are going to fight over this guy in the offseason. LMAO


Has a team that doesn't tackle in practice ever won anything?  Didn't think so .   sc 

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