13 wins-- a date with a very pretty-- "good girl"

By: crunchgodabruinknees

It may be nice, it may look good to your bros, it might lead to more things later, but it's certainly not all you want from the girl. The Rose Bowl was certainly memorable but it's just a step along the way.

NC's are the goal. There is a large group of SC alumni (me included) that are glad Helton has met some of the basic job requirements like

-bringing back some dignity

-recruiting reasonably

-winning a Rose Bowl

-showing some SC pride in the now ended streak.

Those, however, are basic expectations; I don't praise my dogs for not crapping in the house. I do praise the dog when it hunts well, has a great find, or does an elegant retrieve.

Our last couple coaches crapped in the house. So this one having basic good hygiene is a lot better. He has integrity and some good achievement.

In the end we expect real shots at NCs, not just potty training;  SC needs to measure itself against Alabama is today. SC needs to be not just the dog that doesnt crap in the house, but instead the top running derby dog that wins the field trial.

So Heltons integrity has earned him some time to prove out things one way or the other. However he doesn't dazzle like a Pete, Gloomy Gus, Howard Jones, or Mckay. It's hard to tell if he has chosen the right assistants etc. He is getting paid millions so if SC moved on quicker than expected that wouldn't be surprising or terrible. I'm told Swan has a noticeable bit of high expectations but also has some realism.



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