So it's darnold's fault?

By: Conquest2000

is that what you are saying?  But wait darnold was pressued all night long, oh so it's the OL's fault, but wait three starters went down with injury and two true freshman were put in, so who is at fault, the Coaches, for not getting the 2nd string more PT, not re-evaluating and tweaking the game plan mid game to protect the young oline. But wait you say, injuries in game are not only part of the game but make adjustments tough, well 1st Toa didn't make the trip, and we knew that our back ups had zero experience, it wasn't like last year when guys went down we had sophomores and juniors to back up, last years back ups are this years starters.  So knowing that why didn't Helton get them more reps in practice or in games??  2nd if you cannot make adjustments you have ZERO business coaching football.  You should be selling used cars.  

So why are we in the spot we are in now?  4-1, CFP not in our future, Darnold with zero confidence and regressing and now at least 7 starters down.  OH RIGHT because Clay, Tee, Tyson and Clancy were the awful coaches who allowed Western Michigan to stick around and actually lead that game in the 4th quarter, Played Toa every offensive play versus stanford in a blow out (that is the real head scratcher) allowed a marginal texas team to own the los, and played grab ass with Cal before pulling away.   In other words this coaching staff is a bunch of chuckle fucks.  They make Nixon's guys look like fucking Mensa candidates.  What does Deep Throat tell Woodward in All the President's Men, "...forget all the illusions you have about the White House, they just aren't very smart guys..."   That exact statement can be used for USC's coaching staff.  

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