History repeats itself.

By: San Clemente

Carson was the savior, and then all of a sudden Carson SUCKED. 


Fast forward to a REAL coaching staff  (chow) and Carson wins the Heisman.  


Riddle me this, what changed?  Why is there a Good carson, then a Bad carson , then a Great Carson?


Sam Darnold who never got any snaps in practice , ie zero exposure to crap coaching,  gets the start of a 1 and 3 diaper fire team , and goes from good enough to be a Game saver , to GREAT.  Cover of SI.  All he had to work with when he was marching up and down the field as scout team quarterack against USC's number one D was raw talent and a knack for playing the game.  This was before the coaches got to him. Just like when Hacket and his triangle read got to Carson.  Sound familiar?  Sam Result. 


Now apparently Sam Darnold SUCKS. At least according to the rah rahs, who also had their time when they also hated on Carson.  Yes the same  w-2 Coach felating rah rahs let by Sanka, the lady of the fake lake.  


 Sam had a whole off-season with USC's coaching braintrust.  All he heard was, you can't to it that way, do it this way. over and  over and over and over again.  He starts practice by throwing 3 picks . He went from making his living turning a shit offense to broken play touchdowns (chicken shit into chicken soup) to now he's just running for his life and forcing or  throwing the ball away.  JUST LIKE CARSON, remember? .  And like CARson, he also has the pressure of the whole team on his back .


Save us Sam!!!!  You can see Hugs pleading from the sideline when he isn't randomly calling time outs.  


So what has to change for Sam to become GREAT?    The same thing that had to change  for Carson to become GREAT.  


A real coaching staff with a real quarterback coach. A coordinator that actually puts Sam into a position to make plays.  Either that, or just leave him the fawk alone.  This team would be better off if Sam just called the plays in the huddle just like he did on the scout team. 


Yes this staff is worse than Paul Hacket's staff.  Much worse.  At least Hackett got the back up some reps.  sc 

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