I think you are reading into

By: Old Hickory Trojan

the word your interpretation....for all I know Helton did shake up his staf just like when he ordered Clancy to play the kids and start rotating....I think we wait to see how effective whatever he did works before we assume anything...and as far as Tee is concerned ....what are you going to do demote him, who is going to call plays Tyson? I would be more concerned about getting Darnold to play relaxed and not try to make him a square peg in a round hole...let the kid improvise if thats what it takes to get back on his game...perhaps thats all it ill take to get the kid out of a rut...perhaps Tee feels he is not being trusted putting Tyson inthe booth and letting him also call plays...who knows...lets wait till it all plays out..see we all can throw aout theories

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