Should be obvious to anyone SC is not well coached

By: SCSmashmouth

I am a member of a private board (not Ryan's) and we have a former SC player who says the team is soft which starts first off with the head coach and secondly with the S&C program. Maybe some UW fans can weigh in here about Ivan Lewis but I saw one post from a UW fan on another SC board who said the Huskies had tons of injuries every year under Lewis when he was up there with Sark. Once Chris Petersen brought his guy in the injuries went way down. SC even has guys kicking off and snapping that are out for the year or extended time. Lewis needs to go period. Tee is a good recruiter but terrible OC who has no ability to adjust to what a defense is doing. He hopes to out-talent the other team but when that doesn't happen he is a deer in the headlights.

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