Dan Weber says USC's fragile

By: Old Hickory Trojan

just listened to Weber take questions and respond...lots of questions being fairly negative about the progress the teams making, Darnold's regression and the Coaches. The one question he answered that I found interesting was the one regarding a comparison between Saban and Helton coaching styles and the reluctance of Helton to put the frosh under fire whereas Saban sticks them in there cause they practice says they can get the job done...specifically mentioning the LT Saban threw at USC in last seasons opener versus how some of the kids Clay has held back until there was an emergency....he used the word fragile...in discussing both the players and coaches appproach.

He also sad that Darnold wasn't throwing a good long ball, not threatening with the run option he used so effectively last year, wasn't extending plays and wasn't making alll his reads....he explained that he didn't know what was going on there but that it might be his lack of confidence in his second or third read on his wide outs, it could be he's just not physically right since he appears to have a reluctance to run, it could be his the amount of time he spent interviwing instead of getting a lot of time with his new receivers...but let me add he said there was no excuse for the talent USC has at WR that they couldn't break past the DB's of OSU....which he siad were not very good..

One other interesting note Weber said he questioned three ex-QB's calling the offense. He flet that QB's don't necessarily have a good feel for the running game....he felt focus on the running game might help Sam through this period but wasn't sure that the ex-QB's understood enough about that part of the game to stay with it and set a rythum...

FWIW...and he had nothing but good things to say about Lynn Swann...and said from what he's seen the Sunday meetings with the coaches might be ugly since Lynn based upon a conversation is not a put a smilley face on it  kinda guy..and he also said when someone asked about possibility of firing Helton that it might not be a good idea with all the changes in seating coming up and loss of parking for next season but if USC goes 7-5...its a possibiity withthse same changes coming next season and if two of those losses are to USC's man rivals...

Overall it sounded like the broadcast had a lot of negativity in ther questions and Weber did his best to answer with out going to far....IMHO



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