I've said for most of the year

By: Java

Darnold has not hit anything over 10 yards outside the hash marks. That's a bread and butter NFL throw from the pocket. The 10 yard out. I don't know why it's not being executed. Heaven forbid sideline go routes. Maybe he is hurt. He's hit them before but maybe they were on rollouts. now I don't remember. I've also commented on either his reluctance to run or his misreads of read options. It's been bad. USC had a 3rd and 8 where he read wrong and tucked ball and ran into his ol and the DL who were engaged. Looked ugly. I think sam had decided what he was going to do out of the huddle as it were. The useful idiot Trannies here we're all over the coaches for pressing the red joystick button and not the blue one there. But that is totally on the qb to pre snap read and either adjust or check out. He's done it many times before. The guy might be right as to interviews. Darnold doesn't like doing them. He wants to be left alone and this last year has been really disruptive. I personally don't think he's a qb leader type and he's not a face man type He can play the position and execute. But when you are drafting a guy that's a consideration. Can he inspire?? Can he lead? Can he in defeat rally the team? Last year it came off as a lot of aw shucks modesty. Now it comes Across as a guy who is camera shy and is not ready for big time college footballs scrutiny and bright lights. Much less the NFL. Now. Is he great for a soph? Yes Does he belong in the starter role? Yes But is he some Jesus in cleats and the perfect quarterback 2.0 latest model? No. I think we can see a lot of that now. That's not a knock and he can grow into that. But I think people expect him to be something that at this stage he's not. And with those expectations go those of USC. With him being the kid we thought we saw last year this USC team is a 11-1 squad. Especially with the emergence of Carr rector And vaughns. But with sam being human this is very possibly a 9-3 10-2 team. I also see no way or reason this young man should leave school. That will benefit USC because it will bridge the gap to jt Daniels. And jt Daniels is the truth
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