Grab bag is what kiffen did. It's video

By: Java

Game style. Literally yanking random plays off a chart. Great offensive minds like chow. Leach. Mike Riley are conducting an orchestra. And as the piece moves on more is unfurled. Twists on the original piece go in different directions By the end you're delighted to see how something that looked and sounded like what you'd seen before had veered left or right and become something else. For chow it was art. Too many modern guys like kiffen think it's about having 65 plays and pulling out the perfect one for the moment. Video game football. Other coaches like Shaw and harbaugh think it's about pounding your forehead with theirs until your skull cracks. Chow didn't care if he passed or ran down the field. Riley is the same. Took what the d gave. Hard cuts upfield on run plays. And as the game went on ran variations. Same play from Different formation. Same play inverted left not right. By the end you had a simple offense run in aonmamy combinations of directions and formations that a d couldn't read it. That doesn't happen in video game football where the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator instead are playing a game of battleship
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