If UCLA goes 4-8

By: Conquest2000

even 5-7 with a healthy Rosen, the people that pay the bills at UCLA athletics, and it isn't the under armour contract. or taxpayers.  The rich SOB's who pay for MBB and FB and for all those piss ant olympic sports whose priorities are #1 UCLA Basketball, #2 UCLA Basketball, #3 UCLA Basketball, then #4 beating USC in any sport, anf finally #5 UCLA Football, they will ask DG to go to Mora and demand that he fire the entire defensive staff.  That's a given, EVERYONE on the defensive side of the ball will be gone, next they want the Oline coach and WR coach shit canned.  If Mora says yes he stays if he even hesitates or says no, he is gone and then it will be a competition on who can scratch out the check for Mora's buyout the fastest.  if Mora stays and fires most of his staff, these old bastards want a bit of say on who Mora brings in.  They don't want to interveiw the people they just want to make sure Mora is bringing in competent people that can coach and recruit.

this isn't reading the tea leaves, or talking out of my ass this is what the rich bastards at Riv, Bel Air, Sherwood and Lakeside are saying both privately to one another and to anyone at these country clubs men's lounges that will listen.   

If UCLA has a healthy Rosen and shits the bed, the Wooden Fund people will do this with or without Wasserman and Bing.  And there is a growing consensus among former UCLA players (older ones) and these rich bastards, that Wasserman has basically moved on from UCLA athletics.  Sure he still scratches checks out and the football building is named after him and his family but many people inside UCLA think Wasserman is fed up with UCLA football, wasserman's failed attempts at getting an NFL team have him soured on football in general, and now is bromance with Eric Garcetti and bringing the Olympics to LA has sucked all the oxygen out of the room and UCLA athletics is the odd man out.  Wasserman who is a little shit and is 1000% in the business of doing what is best for Casey Wasserman and his image is placing bets on the Olympics and becoming a legend in the city of LA for that.  Pulling the levers of power at UCLA isn't keeping Casey entertained and he doesn't see value to his brand from doing it.  He would rather bask in the light of a press release saying he gave $10 Million to UCLA for *insert the cause*   

My sourcing on this, Bel Air is closed for some rennovation (i heard for an entire year) as are parts of Lakeside so these old rich bastards are not schleping around their tracks shooting 110, instead they are getting early starts to liquid afternoon snacks (lots of scotch)  and like all old people when you have time on your hands you ruminate about things like UCLA football and get pissed off.

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