Mora is the problem

By: Hollywoodbruin Jr.

Keeping Mora and allowing him to hire competent coaches....hmmmn, isn't this what Orgeron is doing at LSU. Hiring to two best coordinators that money can buy.  If my wife gave me more money to buy the best ingredients, I still can't whip up  a good meal.  Mora sets the culture, the philosophy, still has to coach his coaches and standards for recruiting and he has not done the job. Throwing money around to get better coaches while Mora is still around will not get Ucla to improve. Nice thought but lousy idea by the Ucla $ people.

Why all the love for Angus?  He appears to be great because he is surrounded by lazy recruiters. He's just doing his job and nothing special.  None of our DL are coached to get around OL and sack the QB.  They are going on talent, not his development.  I would keep him but the praises he get from the UCLA fans are out of line with his unit's productivity

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