They are are not getting good

By: bigballss

work references. It also sounds like the stress of the job was causing a personal melt down for him. As far as I know he interviewed and hired the guys. Not really a good look for him. here is how Mora would do it:

fat dan: Jim, what the hell 4 and 8? really? what happened to the revolution?

Fake Tough Guy Jim: It;s these worthless assistants, these bleep bleeeps need to go. except Meat. He is cool

fat dan: what about the DC?

Fake Tough Guy Jim: I never see him. and the group shower bonding exercises are longer than our practices.

fat dan: well, let's talk about buying your contract out. Can we work something out?

Fake Tough Guy Jim : F that. I just got divorced man. You fawked up for extending me before I did anything. Plus, I turned down texas and half the NFL to stay here. PAY ME!

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