Thursday hot seat rankings Oct 12

By: Rodeo Trojan

Here they are! The weekly coach's hotseat rankings.

The Mushroom Throne (#1 hotseat--called the Mushroom Throne because it is Nuclear and Nuclear explosions result in mushroom shapped clouds) belongs to Bielema of Arkansas

#3 is Graham of Arizona State (sometimes called ETCU). The same as before

#8 is Mora of UCLA. Even with a bye, he is climbing in the hotseat rankings, he was # 10

#24 is Kelly of Notre Dame, "slipsliding away" from # 21, but winning can do that.

#28 is Rodriguez of Arizona (formerly Michigan). A win and he will disappear from the top 30.

Say farewell to Anderson of Oregon State. Although the Beavers lost big to the Trojans (10-38), Beaverland finnally sent  him on his way.

Hotseat game of the week:  UCLA (Mora at $# 8) at Arizona (Rodriguez at #28). The winner will hve a cooler seat, the loser will make strides towards the Mushroom Throne.

See the top 30 hotseats by clicking the  link.



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