thats silly, your comments that is

By: crunchgodabruinknees

The provost has a huge span of control. Deans and the CEO of the medical enterprise have a great deal of control over their own operations. Each of the primary schools is pretty big by itself. Setting aside the recent medical grabass bs the school has improved in every way and been highly successful. But it has also grown and become more complex. so it only makes sense to add some senior management to deal with the size, complexity, and scope of the org.

Further, USC has brought in outsiders (unlike football) from the top schools and hospitals across the country including Johns Hopkins. Bringing them also brings risks of the unknown. They aren't "SC guys". The SC people get a look but Nikias hires what he thinks is the best nationally with little attention paid to continuity and stability unlike the football hire. Most of those hires have worked well. Three have failed for what was traditionally a perquisite; ask Harvey Weinstein. It isnt now.

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