Me too.

By: Java

For 7-8 years it was great to see fraternity brothers and share it w my soon to be and then young wife. The last 23 or so years I've taken my kids. First wife exiting in that process My last son is a senior this year. Last couple years we've been taking friends. New wife's kids are into softball and football at the moment. In the past soccer and water polo. As I've been going to games this year I don't see myself driving all the way to la alone. Think I'd be bummed. Thinking about all the past games we went to. So I really don't know what to do next year. I have a son at irvine and he's surprised me this year by going to all but the last one. But even he will graduate in another year or so. Meaning next year he's a senior and who knows where work will take him. At some point I suppose my wife's kids will drop sports. That happens and perhaps she will start coming again. Still. Seems I have more tickets than people coming up and not a very clear plan on what to do with the time or tickets
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