I don't get it...other then

By: Old Hickory Trojan

some of the kids aren't working out at the position of wr and a lot of injuries...with that saud..the kid is a Safety...the one position they don't seem to want to let him play there...they seem to be putting this kid at positions he's never played ...first nikel, then corner and now WR....geez it's not like our safety's are great...so I wonder why now wide out. This kid is more athletic then any Safety on the roster, has ideal size an was known has a kid that doesn't shy away from contact...is Clancy's D just too complicated for him to grasp? We all know that the reason Hawkins is out there is cause "he get's it" but he seems to get beat like a drum sometimes...and Lopes.....don't let me go there..

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