This just keeps getting worse.

By: San Clemente

Hugs helton keeps proving that he wasn't ready for prime time.  


Darnold has had it with the crappy play calling.  He voiced his frustration to the media.  Now this was a mistake by a young quarterback . He flat out told others that "the play calling sucks".  THat spread like wildfire.  But Sam is just a kid who is supposed to be new at all this.  


THE LAST THING ON THE PLANET THAT A REAL HEAD COACH WOULD DO IS TO DEFEND YOUR OFFENSE IN THAT SAME MEDIA.   To act like a child, fold your arms, ie no hugs today, and call your Star quarterback a liar and that you never received a proper apology.  This is amateur hour on steroids.  


This should have all been done behind closed doors . That is the proper seeing, not the media.  


The problem is that like Lady Sanka, Helton doesn't think that there is ANYTHING wrong with his offense. He doesn't want to hear anyone tell him that the defense knows what's coming on formations, personel and down and distance.  This offense is his baby.  T-brain wonderlic, his idiot goat little brother are running things (his precious offense)  just fine, if Sam would just stop turning the ball over.  


Sam in frustration is saying the reason for his poor play is the poor play callling.  YOu have to feel for the kid. He didn't call the 3rd and nine quarterback draw play in the red zone.  He has defenders in his face on every play and receivers aren't open.  Sam has no idea why anyone would take out ROJO and put in worse players.  Sam is forcing things, and that's reason for the turnovers. Hugs tell him to just "take the sack". Just like he told Barkley. Just like he Told Kessler.  Just like he told Browne. Just like he plans on telling the next guy.  


Now this kind of thing happens on every team every eyear to some extent, and now we all get to be a fly on the wall because Helton has ZERO business being a head coach anywhere and has no idea that this crap should not be played out in the media.  


SAM is pleading that poor coaching is causing his regression.  It's all there in print for all to read for themselves.  


I know Petros is reading, and Swan is reading .  Don't be surprised if you see Hugs spending some time behind closed doors in Heritage hall today.  Someone needs an ass chewing. sc 

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