don't do that man...

By: bigballss

3 years ago i had a similar scare. Optometrist sent me to retina specialists and all that bs. turns out I had cataracts but for the month in between I really though i was going blind. I thought of all the options including leading a life without being able to see. I look at people like Jake Olsen for inspiration. he lost his sight but not his will to live. BTW im in my early 50's... Everyone in the doctors office had a birth date in the 1920's. I sat in that reception with old farts that were surprised just bu the fact they woke up that morning. I was totally bummed thinking WTF!? then i had the surgery and my life is so much better. Hoping the best for you man but know this: your family wants you around even if they have to wipe your ass every day. which they won't. Best wishes and keep thinking something good is about to happen.

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