By: LA Duck

And he's quite candid about it--even stating so in a recent interview that he'd like to eventually be a HC again.

The question is:  where?

Some schools are going to frown upon his hitting a player and then lying about it.

Others won't care; water under the bridge.

One of those schools that won't care likely is Kansas State when Snyder passes on.

Leavitt actually does have a no-buyout clause should KSU want him as their HC. So the path to that school is clear and free--your guess is correct.

The problem is that many see either Snyder's son or Brent Venables (Clemson's DC) as having the inside track to succeed Bill Snyder.

But, yes, I don't expect Jim Leavitt nor our OL coach, Mario Cristobal, who was a HC at FIU before becoming Alabama's OL coach, nor our DL coach Joe Salave'a to hang around longer than 2 more years at max.

Mario will get a job on the east coast sooner rather than later--he has HC material written all over him.

And I could see Joe accepting the HC position at Arizona if/when Rich Rod gets the axe.

Good thing is that unlike our last HC, Taggart appears to covet pretty talented assistants, and make plays for them.

Not sure Taggart would have ever given Brady Hoke a sniff...

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