If Helton does not like the play calling

By: Rodeo Trojan

he needs to tell one of two people:

The offensive coach or coaches: on most teams these are the one who come up  with the play calling. The quarterback is to follow the coaches, now if the coaches don't know what they are doing, then perhaps new coaches are in order.

The  person in the mirror (himself): If he does not like the play calling, then change the play calling.

Yelling at the player may feel good (Helton can give hugs to himself then), but normally the offensive strategy is usually a coach's thing.

IMO the "jury is still out" on Helton. How the Trojans do against the tougher teams, the ones where the Trojans just don't simply out-talent the opponent, will help "the jury" decide.

Blaming players for one's own mistake or lack of coaching ability should not cut it at USC.

note:  The people at Coaches Hot Seat do not mention Helton as one of their Top 30, this just shows they don't read the Wild West Board.


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