Wooden's #1 Assistant - Jerry Norman Agrees

By: Bobopolis

Heard Wooden's #1 Assistant, Jerry Norman, speak at a private event.  He stated several things about Wooden:

1) Peter Dalis, UCLA's AD and the most powerful AD in the NCAA at the time, was very supportive of Sam Gilbert and his involvement.

2) Wooden was scared to death of crossing Dalis so he did nothing about Gilbert.

3) Wooden never spoke of his pyramid or these principles to any player while Norman was there.

4) Wooden hated recruiting. Norman was the architect of national recruiting which was unheard of then.  Brought Hazzard, Alcinder, etc. to UCLA which started the dynasty years.

5) Wooden was very manipulative of the refs but no one ever could hear him and his court demeanor never let on to the crap he gave them in order to influence their calls.

6) Wooden had few, if any, relationships with any of his players.  Jerry and the other coaches were their main connections.

Here's an LA Times article that spells out out even more.

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