Walton's Testimony Tells the TRUTH about St. John

By: Bobopolis

Logic forces only one question . . . is it TRUE about St. John?  

Let's assume you are correct about Norman.  Bill Walton is unimpeachably a Bruin honk and Walton's testimony totally destroys your case for Wooden & UCLA.

Attacking the messanger is the oldest trick in the book on how to distract when your argument has failed.  

Btw, no one said McKay was a saint, other than his performance as a winner.  Wooden has positioned himself as a saint on and off the court.  This simply isn't true, nor did he ever confess his sins while pressenting himself as squeaky clean.  He was able to win so dominantely by running a dominantly dirty program.

Stay focused John . . . is it TRUE about St. John?


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