66 thinks football is like

By: Conquest2000

play station NCAA Football.  You can just run one play over and over again and gain tons of yards.  It;s the little things I pointed out in the NCAA stats that make a team and an offense.  And the playcalling directly contributes to the little things.  The short yardage and red zone offense is sooooooo bad it is criminal.  And this has been a problem since Sark showed up with this Western KY Offense.  No full back and the refusal to use TE's to cross block or trap DT to allow the OL to get to the 2nd level is an inherient flaw in this offense and is the flaw in all offense that run shotgun zone stretch plays.  Now teams that use their qb's to pull it out can compensate and be successeful, see oregon.  but USC doesn't operate like that.  I garuntee our red zone and short yardage offense would be 1000 times better with Fink at QB becuase he will pull it and run when he reads the DE, or sees that the stretch zone isn't going to work. 


Also Pad level sucks, we get zero push, we position block and don't even attempt to drive guys out, everyone just tit blocks no leg movement.

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