does anyone on this board

By: Conquest2000

honestly think Fallah, Brown or Voorhees stand a chance versus Washington's two stud DT's.  The poly kid is a legit all american and first team all pac 12.  The other would be the best DL on our team.  This OL got prison raped by a ND Dline that is marginal talent wise at best.  I see us making the Pac 12 Championship game but I don't see us winning it.  Alamo Bowl here we come, pray one SEC team makes it so the other team would go to the Chick Fil A Bowl (sugar is the semi this year), and one big 12 team makes it so we can maybe go to the Cotton Bowl.  Where we would face a Big 12 Runner Up, or Big 10 third place team, who would still be better than USC.  A thrid place Big 10 team would be Penn State, or tOSU.  


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