Are you still defending the 2nd down pass call?

By: the909trojan

Come on Java, we were running the ball down their throats. We hear Clay talking about being physical yet he calls a pass there? YES, Darnold blew it. He made a horrible throw. Yes, other teams call that play and it often works. But these plays are situational. When you are running the ball down an opponents throat and when you want to establish your physicality, why call a pass there? Was PC's call in the SuperBowl correct, when Lynch is a monster?

And I still don't think you have to be all in on the shotgun and have zero under center plays for just those situations. Every team has 2 point plays specifically designed for a 2 pt scenario. It stands to reason that a team can have a couple of short yardage under center plays without disrupting their entire offense. Hell, texas tech's air raid offense even had a few such running plays. Not many, but one or two.

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