Makes sense that the crown jewel for dawgs is.....

By: LA Duck

...just being bowl eligible.

Because since 1991 (the time of your mythical half-championship) Huskies are 5 out of 16 in bowl games with one BCS-level win (vs Purdue in 2000 Rose Bowl) out of 3.

So, yeah, I can see how for a mutt just being bowl eligible and getting to a bowl game is good enough these days.

For comparison purposes Oregon is 10 out of 21 in that period, with 4 BCS-level wins (2 Fiestas, 2 Roses) out of 8 BCS/championship game-level appearances.

Seems as though since your big half-championship, UW doesn't do very well in bowl games...

Just keeping it "real"-avent, mandb.  :-)

BTW, solid smack there, TEE....keep it comin'!

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