wasted talent.

By: San Clemente

not enough rotation.  The D was completely SPENT before the hour and 5 minute 3rd quarter was over just on saturday.  


That's COACHING.  


Houston and Grabby should have been safeties from the get go.  That's also COACHING. 


Thor never have been cleared to play .  THAT's a COACHING decision.  ANd no you can't blame the brain dead orthopod team doctors.  They are the idiots of medicine.


Linebacker play has been average and not close to USC standards.  Worst coached group on the team. Smith disappears in games.  First round my ass.  Houston gets run over. 


Pendergast can stop the read option.  woopie, good for him.  But when teams go away from that like AZ did on saturday he has NO IDEA what to do.  NOT CLUE ONE.  And isn't it sad that you couldn't find a way to blame that on Darnold?  No turnovers there.  Just an exhausted D with poor coaching. 


Stats don't lie, but you can select the one's you like.  No pac 12 team that USC has played is knows for their defense. So Ya.  USC's defense pretty much SUCKS.


USC has played 2 good teams that will be ranked at the end of the season, and LOST to both of them.  sc

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