im not disagreeing with you Smokey

By: bigballss

our defense has had lapses. i have watched every minute of every game. Texas is not a great team, in fact they suck and they are getting worse (if you are not improving you are getting worse.) The defense won the utah game for us with a clutch play but let's ignore that and talk about the guy open in the back of the end zone. Let's talk about how we COULD HAVE lost instead of the fact our kids played hard and WON. This defense has made some game saving plays in clutch spots, just as the offense has done.  We have to keep recruiting the lines to get better.

Sorry we don't all see things as bad as you do. as far as expecting more, i would piss on a spark plug if i thought it would do any good. But it won't. This thing about how you guys want excellence but the rest of us are happy with 10 and 2 is silliness. If they let me hire the next coach, I will get us GRUDEN!!!!!! 

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