While I don't think USC has any

By: Java

Shot at the top 4, I think they can absolutely make this a most interesting and worthwhile season.  I know many USC people will view that as sacriledge but if I were runnning a program, I'd say look.  I need to be top 10 every year.  We want to plan for that.  We want to shoot for that.  We want top 10 talent.  We want top coach coaching, we want top 10 everything.  And if you are in that discussion every year and DO NOT fail.  You are goign to ahve your fair share of shots.  


In 2016 USC had a bizarre year and wound up ranked 3.  That's awesome.  This year it's taken longer to come together.  But look at this.  Auburn plays Bama AND Georgia the next 3 weeks and assuredly will lose one.  Auburn is gone.  USC plays Colorado and UCLA.  Should win both and be 10-2.  If you look at the beginnng of the year, that is precisely what I said USC would be.  10-2.  San Clemente said 8-4.  And he WAS WRONG.  Always nice to say that.  Believe it or not, with his incessant girping and whining, he actually predicted USC WOULD BE WORSE.  Which means he really should be calling for Helton to get a raise, since this staff exceeded KOT's expectations.


Anyway, back to the rankings.  Auburn gone.  UW will play USC in the CCG.  If not they will have lost beforehand.  Very tough game for USC but either UW or USC will be upwardly mobile after that game.


Whiskey is a fraud and has to play Iowa and Michigan.  Then likely PSU or OSU.  Maybe even MSU who knows.  I think they lose that.  POW goes Whiskey.  Especially being ranked 8.  Won't have to drop far to get behind UW or USC


Miami plays ND this Saturday.  I'll just guess Miami loses and at 7 POW down they go.  So if USC wins their next 3 games, even with this awful Helton person trying to ruin USC football, they will be siting in the 7 spot.  SEVEN!  Imagine that.  But wait.  There's more.  TCU and OK play this Saturday.  Down goes another.    


USC or UW could be looking at the 6 spot now.  Clemson plays Florida State, who has talent, and also their South Carolina rivalry game.  THEN the next week they have their Conference Championship game where they likely will be playing, yes, Miami.  Who just lost to Notre Dame.  


Bama will play Georgia in that conference Championship game.  Someone has to lsoe their.  


Point is there is a lot of footbal to be played and UW or USC will likely end up odd man out of the BCS but the PAC is not going to be severely raped here.  Someone is likely going to end up 5-6.  Go win your bowl and you could end up ranked 3-5 yet again.  And 12-2 on the year.  There are worse fates than this.  



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