SC can make the final 4

By: JJChise

It's actually conceivable SC makes the playoff - we will need one of the SEC teams losing twice and SC needs either the ACC/Big 12 champion to have two losses, and the Big X champ to be someone other than Whisky.    If that happens assuming SC wins out that we have good shot at being in the playoff.  Most of the teams ahead of us will lose at least one more game.  HIgh probability that Auburn loses a game (they have Georgia and Bama left), UW has to lose to us or WSU (prefer they lose to WSU which boosts their rating and gives us more bang when we kick their ass in San Jose), odds are Whisky loses to PSU or OSU in championship game, Miami has ND and Clemson left and could lose both or just losing one of those games by alot could be enough for us to pass them (best if they lose big to ND and beat Cleamson),  and we know one of OKLA and TCU loses this weekend and loser will fall behind us, and then most likley both those teams get a rematch in three weeks in championship game if the loser of this weeks game wins the championship game that means big 12 has 2 loss champion - just like Pac 12.  It looks like this in SC Dream world:

1. UGA  - win out and beat Bama in title game, or lose to Auburn and Bama.

2. Bama - win out or lose to both Auburn and Bama.

3. ND  - need them to win out or shit the bed completely and lose to Miami and Stanford, more likely they win out.

4. Clemson - lose to either FSU or Miami - prefer FSU, if they lose to FSU and win ACC championship game we have good argument to go ahead of them to playoff. 

5. OK -  lose to TCU or Big 12 championship game.

6. TCU  - lose Oklahoma or Big 12 championship game.

(if winner of this weekends game loses the Big 12 championship game to the otherthey are both out)

7. Miami  - lose to ND (trounced would be great)  could do it. 

8. Wisky  - lose to anyone

9. UW  - lose to us in pac 12 championship or WSU in apple cup.

10. Auburn - lose to either Georgia or Bama and beat the other.

11. USC  - win out. 


CCH takes SC to the playoff his second year, a second year that had half the fan base calling for his head two weeks ago - that would be one of the great WTF's of all time. 





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