Kinda like Maryland, Purdue, Illinois, and


Indiana. 'cause those schools are nearly alway challenge for the Big 10 and play in BCS type bowl games. They must have like what; three conference titles between them in the last 40 years? Maybe ten to 12 bowl wins combined?

Then look at the SEC with Vandy, Missouri, and K-Y in the East and Ol Miss and Miss State in the West. What's the difference, really? Arky and A&M are just classy doormats in their current incarnations, they didn't exactly bring to the table the same football program qualities as say Colorado and Utah to the SEC, now did they?

The SEC just soaked up the classiest doormats from the Big 12 they could find. But really nothing's changed since the SEC  used to wipe their feet on Suwanee and Tulane.

I guess is this were the 1960's we could say different things about programs like Ol Miss, A&M, Illinois, and Indiana, but the Summer of Love was a long time ago, and some of these programs haven't even sniffed a national ranking since then.

Sure a occaisionally a Jeff George or Manning Clan member or Randy Beisler or Randy White shows up to give some of these doormats a day in the sun, but they are as rare as Vince Young and the above programs never get any more push that pull in cash to up grade their facilities before they go back to their place in the basement.


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