I think they have as good a chance...

By: OldUDUBFan

as any B10 team to get in providing they win out.  I won't be that disappointed if they don't.  Just being in the conversation is miles ahead of where we were some years ago.  It still pains me that I went to every home game that 0 & 12 season in 2008.

Next year we play in Atlanta against a SEC Auburn team.  Win that & watch the ESPN talking heads deal with that all season.  Again providing we continue to win & be relevant.  UW also will play at BYU.  Not sure they are what they use to be.  Better than a Fresno?  Certainly better than a Montana.  2020  We have a game at home with Michigan.  Then there the next year.  Also a home & home with tOSU is in the future.  Petersen is getting better quality opponents than Sark's regime did.  Clearing the cupboard of past coaches easy bake oven recipes.

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