I guess.

By: Waldorf

I suppose mediocre may be a poor choice of words for a championship team, but even though I'm a UCLA fan I do recognize USC standards -- a lot of college football fans do. All I was suggesting was that Jones has accomplished quite a bit on teams that don't compare at all with the great teams of all those guys that Java mentioned, the players that were in Jones's company in terms of statistics. Compared to those teams, Jones's teams are pretty mediocre.   Add to that the fact that the conference is simply awful, and I think my post had a lot of merit. I suppose my mistake was making a comparison to Kelly, the all-time leading receiver in a relatively quiet time (Carson Palmer's senior year notwithstanding). I suppose I didn't realize the level to which USC fans hate that guy.

As for Pete Carroll, forget it, I'm not going to rehash everything that has been pretty much proven over the years; if you want to still revere that clown, knock yourself out.

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