USC should be treating this as a 3 week bye

By: San Clemente

period to get ready for the conference championship game. 


That's the important game,  That game means something.  Need to be healthy ,but be smart in preparation. Focus on fundamentals like tackling and try to see which muzzle fits Car Jack Jack Jack Jones and get Grabby used to playing with mittens.  Maybe if they fed Carr something he might actually heal, and at the same time make number 10 eat something.  Darnold should be doing drill after drill with wet balls, big balls, slippery balls. Hand strengthening excercises , everything he can so he doesn't drop any more balls.  They still need to work on the snap that he keeps having to jump and catch.  The rest of the team hits the weight room and practitices are tough and demanding.  None of this shorts and walk through crap.  Treat the 3 weeks like fall camp, since they didn't really do anything at fall camp.  This time do it right.  HIT and Tackle. THe kid that wins the competition STARTS the CCG not the senior this time.  


 Look at the ucla game what it really is, a nuisance. Let whoever really wants to bother to play against uclay play. Any kid can take that night off if they want.  But only that night.  Get everyone that wants to on the field. Make it sort of a team party .  Punt on first down if you want.  Just don't get anyone hurt.  The game doesn't matter.  The score doesn't matter.  Don't call any timeouts.  Get the kids in bed by midnight .  They have something important to do the next week.  Ucla will be happy, they can go to the Feed and Illegal alien bowl or something.  Mora keeps his job.  Which means if that game ever becomes important again, side out USC. 


USC hasn't won ANYTHING since 2008.  Would be nice this year , even with this worthless staff. Don't screw it up bothering to get in it with a dirty team like ucla.  Tell the players to respond with, well that was fun, but we hav BUSINESS to take care of in a couple weeks, you can watch it on TV.  


That's if Hugs is actually interested in winning something.   But my guess is USC will win because I will still want them to, 3 major players will get hurt because ucla is just fawking dirty.  Then Hugs will get the genius idea to let the team go to Pureto Rico for 10 days to paint some huts. sc  

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