The rose bowl never had a Pac runner up

By: NYTrojan

in the modern era until last year.  USC was the first Pac Also Ran in the history of the Rose Bowl(I don't know if I can even call them a runner up since Colorado was the other team playing UW for the title).

Before the BCS it was obvious:  win the Pac, you're in.

During the BCS it was ALWAYS the Pac champion or the NC game, or no pac team at all.

BCS Rose Bowls:

1998:  Pac 10 Champion UCLA

1999:  Pac 10 champion Stanford

2000:  Pac 10 champion Washington

2001:  NC game between Miami and Nebraska

2002:  Pac 10 champion Washington State

2003:  Pac 10 Champion USC

2004:  Texas vs Michigan (USC played in the title game)

2005:  USC vs Texas for the title game

2006:  Pac 10 Champion USC

2007:  Pac 10 Champion USC

2008:  Pac 10 Champion USC

2009:  Pac 10 Champion Oregon

2010:  TCU - Wisconsin (Oregon played in the NC game)

2011:  Pac 12 Champion Oregon

2012:  Pac 12 Champion Stanford

2013:  Pac 12 Champion Stanford


College football playoff years

2014:  Pac 12 Champion Oregon

2015:  Pac 12 Champion Stanford

2016:  Pac 12 also-ran USC.


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