Yes. Got to duck.

By: NYTrojan

You never know what happens in a big game. We probably win, but we never had to even risk it.  We got to duck and go to the RB anyway.  

If there was no NC Tournament, like there used to be, UW would have gone to the rose bowl.

If there was no conference championship, like there used to be, Colorado would have gone to the rose bowl.  

At the end of the season, there were 2 teams ahead of us in line.  Who had earned the right more than we had.  We were better than they were, but we hadn't earned it like they had (Largely because of mistakes our head coach had made).  

We got in because we're USC.  It's good to be the king.  I apologize to nobody about it.  But I'm also honest with myself about it too.

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