Prediction: UCLA 45 USC 35

By: John55

USC is the 5th best defense UCLA has faced and the 3rd best offense. A&M has a better defense. I don't think much of USC's defense. Running backs like Winbush and Tate there for over 200 years on them. Montez, Wilkins, Oregon State's QB, WMU's Qab are all bad. Texas true freshman lit USC up. I figure Rosen should throw for 350, maybe 400. Bolu has been running strong. UCLA will run for 100+ on about 20 carries. SC's corners are nothing to write home about. I'm not sure who #10 is but he seems pretty useless out there except for jumping on piles. Frankly, none of SC's passs rushers are scary. UCLA's tackles should stone them fairly easily. USC will be able to run the ball very well but Darnold will throw an interception. Phillips is playing. Expect him to sack Darnold and maybe knock him out if the game on a clean hit. USC's receivers aren't the fastest. Darnold has to rely on back shoulder throws but he won't be as lucky as he was vs. Colorado. Darnold is going to feel the need to play better than Rosen but he's not as good and will force things. Anyone heading to Vegas, take UCLA to win. Easy call.
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